Added Services

Go deeper with resources and services that give you greater operational control and add value to your accounting services.


Cost Controls

Food costs and analysis are foundational in increasing your bottom line.  We can help work with you to create systems to help you manage food cost and issues like waste, over portioning and theft.  If you are currently not taking a physical food or bar inventory, we can help you establish an inventory system that fits your business.  

Creating your business culture starts with you, the owner

The culture of your company is who you are, who works there, what you do, how you treat each other and how you treat and serve your customers. Without a good leader guiding the ship, it’s surprising how quickly a staff and crew can get off course. Operations Manuals are great tools to communicate the details of your operation, but it can’t replace the face to face connection between the business owner and the work force. It is time well spent to remind the “troops” of what you’re doing and why. Your workforce is the voice and face of your company. Don’t let them forget.


We are here to talk to you and help you to cultivate the business culture that you have dreamed of.