Payroll Services

We outsource with the best payroll services so you can manage payroll with greater ease. Process your own payroll? We can still help. Choose from a full range of support services that fit your current and growing needs. 

Do you need an answer to a basic HR Question?

Don’t hesitate to ask!  When you need have an HR issue that needs your attention,  staff at Inform are qualified to bring you basic answers to many of your most pressing questions.  

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Payroll Coordination

There is a difference between “processing payroll” and “coordinating payroll”.  When you process your payroll,  you give your payroll processor new hire information, pay rate changes or address changes.  You review and verify your employees’ hours and submit those hours to the processor who creates your payroll checks.  To coordinate payroll means that this all is done for you. You simply give the information to a coordinator at Inform.   When you are busy and trying to juggle a multitude of tasks on payroll day, our payroll corrdination service can be very helpful and very affordable.  

After you choose your payroll processor

Call us for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your current payroll service needs, to hear about what to expect when you outsource your payroll or anything you would like to talk about concerning payroll processing.

Pricing for added services are on an hourly rate or per incident. No annual fees.

Third Party Garnishment Support

When an employee has garnished wages, it can be confusing and frustrating for an employer. We can assist you with the paperwork and provide third party pay services so you can meet your obligation.

SUTA & Worker’s Comp Claims Support

Employers can be expected to eventually face claims for unemployment or an on the job injury. We will work to establish a program in which you can use our services to help with paperwork and filing requirements when you need the help. No annual contract required.

Worker’s Comp Audits

We all groan when we hear from the Worker’s Compensation Auditor. You can turn it all over to us, now. We work directly with your insurance agency to complete your annual payroll audit, including a review of the audit results. All done quickly and efficiently.

Customized Reports and Forms

Included in our HR Management fee are forms and resource material to help you get a handle on higher labor costs. We can also help develop customized reports and worksheets to assist you in addressing unique labor issues.