Accounting Services

Restaurant Accounting ServicesI often hear two common reasons why business owners become unhappy with their restaurant accounting services. One is that they don’t get information back in a timely manner. Secondly, they say their accountant doesn’t return calls or emails promptly. Oh, there’s one more. They say it’s difficult to communicate with their accountant about their business. Agreed, these are frustrating issues. In every task we do and with every service we perform, we commit ourselves to giving you information you need. We understand you deserve a guarantee that our staff is available to you.


  • Payment management
  • Review banking activity
  • Post sales activity


  • Inventory posts
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Financial Statements

Get more with an Accounting Team

As you can see, we perform all of the traditional accounting tasks you would expect. However, our approach is beyond most. You’ll see the difference in the methods and practices we use to perform our work. Plus, we have a genuine desire to connect with you as a restaurant owner in a way that fosters teamwork. We want to see you succeed and we know it starts with the basics. We’d like you to feel that we are your back office overseeing your day in and day out accounting operations.

 More Than Basic Services

When you find you need more than the basic of accounting services, we can take care of many monthly or annual reports and help keep you organized.  It’s good to know you have an accounting team that can reach every aspect of your business operations.

 Reports & Returns

  • Sales Tax & Audit Support
  • Personal Property Tax Returns
  • State & Local Filings
  • Asset Management

Our Accounting Environment

We will never compromise the policies and practices in place that establish and protect our accounting environment and your information. Our staff works in compliance with a strict set of accounting methods designed to keep everyone accountable.

Protecting Sensitive Information

Sharing sensitive company data and personal information with your accountant is unavoidable. We understand and exercise the utmost care and responsibility when we work with your company data. We limit access of sensitive information to authorized staff and utilize secondary back up methods to protect your data.

Your Eyes and Ears

We are an accounting team that truly wants to see your business succeed. We work for you “as if” we are looking through your eyes and listening with your ears. You will be amazed at what we see and hear on your behalf.

Accounting is a Team Effort

We want to connect with you and create true dialogue that fosters teamwork. Exchanging information is not enough. It must be complete, accurate and in an understandable format.